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Employment Testing

Select, Hire, and Retain the best employees

Employment Testing

Select, hire and retain the best employees.

Ineffective hiring strategies can be costly. They can lead to turnover problems, poor morale and lost time in extended supervision, coaching or retraining. If unsuccessful, the job search must be redone. A poor hiring decision can be very expensive. It can lead to preventable staffing problems and unforeseen legal consequences.

For these reasons, RMS Consulting offers employers four types of employment testing services. We can help you be as accurate as possible in your initial hire and later job succession decisions. We can help you trust that your employees are responsible and honest people. We can help you evaluate when an employee is unfit for duty and help you determine what needs to be done before they can return to work and resume their previous levels of performance. Finally, we can help you establish a Drug Free Workplace, with a professionally designed, Substance Abuse Testing program. This can reduce your workplace liability, meet applicable governmental compliance standards and maintain employee’s optimal workplace performance.

Our Employment Testing Services Include:

Preview Employment Testing

Assess job candidate’s personality, ability, and interests and compare these to a job success profile designed specifically for the particular job at your company. This test is also suitable for succession planning and internal staffing decisions.

Honesty and Integrity Testing

Evaluate the character and responsibility of prospective and current employees who are in sensitive security and financially responsible positions.

Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Evaluate a current employee’s ability to handle the responsibilities of their job and outline recommendations for treatment that reassure you the employee is ready to return to work.

Policy Development for Substance Abuse Testing

Design a Drug Free Workplace program that defines specific procedures and policy, maintains employee’s legal right to confidentiality and provides required provisions for appeal.

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