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Ted Chapin

Ted Chapin :: President :: Clinical Psychologist :: Organizational Consultant

For a quarter of a century, RMS has provided a set of human resource services specifically designed to "Maximize Employee Performance." In today’s working environment, employers strive to maintain the highest levels of employee productivity. The costs of recruiting, hiring, training and maintaining a productive workforce has become a major part of every organization’s operating budget. It is critical for the success of today’s organization to maximize the potential of each and every employee. As a result it has become financially vital for employers to provide the means for every employee to succeed and maintain their highest level of performance.

At RMS we have partnered with over 90 Central Illinois businesses and organizations in improving their performance. We provide more than 10,000 client service hours per year. Our Employee Assistance Programs alone cover more than 32,000 lives. From job entry to workplace departure, RMS delivers six essential services to maximize your people resources.

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Employment Testing

Select, hire and retain the best employees.

Employee Assistance Programs

Resolve employee problems to restore optimal performance.

Workplace Training

Teach essential workplace and life skills to improve productivity.

360 Degree Assessment and Coaching

Provide comprehensive feedback to key employees and motivate improved workplace performance.

Conflict Resolution

Assess and resolve workplace conflict and recommend needed changes on critical workplace issues.


Respectfully support the needs of departing employees while maintaining the morale of the remaining workforce.

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